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Organisations in API Developer Portal 4.2

  • 1.  Organisations in API Developer Portal 4.2

    Posted Oct 17, 2018 09:42 AM

    Following through the DocOps and the labs on creating Organisations, I found that there are some unclear parts. Hopefully this discussion will help other colleagues in the future when setting up Organisations. 


    First of all, there are 2 ways the Organisations can be created:

    -Internally ( for LDAP etc.)

    -Externally (registering as Org Admin/Developer)



    For example for LDAP to work and map the users to the correct Organisation, the Organisation must be already created beforehand in the Portal with the exact name as the name of the organisation in the LDAP.



    The first user that is registering manually from an Organisation to the Portal, gets to be Org Admin but also defines the name of the Organisation. Therefore, ONLY the Org Admin should be registering externally and then the Org Admin should invite the Developers for this specific organisation. This means that no one else from the same Organisation should try to register manually. If they do, they will get an error message saying that the Organisation name already exists or they might create a new Organisation with similar name which is again wrong.

    This is very important to be clearly defined to the Customer when they decide to allow external Developers to register. 


    Another note on this is that when a Developer/Org Admin registers for the first time, the Organisation is always created even if their registration is declined. That can cause issues later on unless the Admin of the Portal keeps an eye on this and deletes, if necessary, the unused Organisation by calling the internal APIs.


    Perhaps a flow graph of the user registration would be useful in DocOps or in this Discussion. If anyone has already created one, please feel free to add it below.