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CA APIM clarifications regarding various aspects

  • 1.  CA APIM clarifications regarding various aspects

    Posted Apr 23, 2018 08:01 AM



            I am experimenting with CA APIM along with AWS (Amazon Web Services). I got some clarifications. Please let me know.


    1. Need clarity on how CA APIM does the following:
      1. Sync/Async support, is there an async support first of all? Basically, like AJAX, just send a request to an API and do something else at client side. When response comes, a callback at client side gets automatically invoked. (This feature is already present in "AWS Lambda" which can be invoked via "AWS API Gateway" product).
        1. Timeout, if API execution goes beyond a certain time, terminate it (For example, timeout in AWS Lambda is 5 minutes).
    2. What should we do for Security (when APIM is used in conjunction with AWS especially), can we use native AWS users/roles/groups here?
      1. How does (Or How can one) integrate AWS security with APIM security?
    3. What should we do for Scaling the APIs (Especially on-prem)?
      1. If auto-scale is supported, how does it work (Especially on-prem)?
    4. What languages does it support for coding APIs in?
      1. Are there any integrations with IDEs etc…, to improve developer experience?
    5. Is there any cacheing requirement that developers should be aware of?
      1. Basically cache API responses and deliver the same for repeated requests, without going to backend etc… if that is configurable
      2. This would help scaling the APIs
    6. What are the protocols supported, like REST/SOAP, and for data XML/JSON etc…
    7. Also, is there any comparison sheet for CA APIM vs API Gateway (AWS).
    8. How to/If we can transfer APIM license from on-prem to AWS EC2 instance?
    9. How security works if APIM is hosted inside AWS? AD/AWS role pass-through, are these supported? Or, we should use altogether new principals.
    10. Hosting APIM itself as an API in AWS APIGW, does this work? Basically, we want to use APIM inside AWS, and any APIs APIM publishes should be transparently available to AWS users? Is it possible?