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    Posted Oct 09, 2018 01:41 PM

    Hello all,


    CA Technologies would like to talk with you.


    My name is Chris and I’m a UX Researcher who is part of the CA API Management team. We want to better understand you, how you work and how we can improve the tools of ours, that you use so that we can make your life easier.


    We have added a short survey below (should only take 5 minutes to complete) in which we would like to collect some feedback from you so that we can make our discussions with you even more efficient.


    For those that end up participating in a feedback session, they will be compensated for their time.


    We want to make our products even better, but we need your help, and this is the first step along the path towards that.


    Thank you in advance for taking the time to fill out the survey and offering to participate in our discussions.


    Survey Link: CA Technologies - Customer Discussions Survey