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  • 1.  AS2 connectivity from Layer7 gateway

    Posted Apr 21, 2017 08:23 AM

    we are trying to send EDI message from AS2 client to CA Layer 7 API gateway further gateway will route to Boomi server. we are trying to publish service with reverse proxy option to fullfill requirement. we would like to know if it is possible usecase, if so what are the possible options that we have to consider.

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    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Apr 21, 2017 12:08 PM

    Good afternoon,


    There is a tactical assertion that will allow communication between AS2 clients and servers which can be requested from the support team. With the assertion, we should be able to provide you with some sample policies. Please log a support case to request these components.




    Stephen Hughes

    Director, CA Support

  • 3.  Re: AS2 connectivity from Layer7 gateway

    Posted Aug 13, 2018 12:42 AM

    Hi Stephen,


    Is there any plugin which is now provided by CA Technologies to enable AS2 message protocol in API GW ?


    We are exploring on replacing a current B2B solution with CA API GW and we use AS2 communication protocol in our current design.




  • 4.  Re: AS2 connectivity from Layer7 gateway

    Posted Aug 13, 2018 09:31 PM

    Hi Vaibhav,


    We have a Tactical assertion for AS2 messaging in the Gateway. If that's what you need, a new support case needs to be opened so we can run through the process and get you the Tactical assertion, as Stephen had noted in 2017.


    I'm confused at this moment though because I'm not quite sure if you're requesting something different or not, as you mentioned a "plugin”. Have I perhaps misunderstood your question? Are you looking for something other than the current tactical assertion which already exists for the Gateway for AS2 communication? If so, please do clarify the demand for us so I can better speak to it for you.


    Thank you.

  • 5.  Re: AS2 connectivity from Layer7 gateway

    Posted Aug 15, 2018 07:27 PM

    Hi Dustin,


    Thanks for your reply, by plugin, I meant any add-on to the original Policy manager installation, like what we have for OAuth (OTK_Installers).

    What we require is a B2B functionality out of CA API GW, i.e. sending and receiving AS2 messages via EZComm protocol, with and without attachment.

    Can we have a call for the same ? I have my emailID in my profile, if not then let me know and I can share the same.




  • 6.  Re: AS2 connectivity from Layer7 gateway

    Posted Aug 16, 2018 01:14 PM

    Hi Vaibhav,


    It sounds like the AS2 tactical assertion we already have available should suffice, based on the bit of information provided so far. Before we can give it out to people though, since it's not part of the core product, we require a support case to be created that we can use to then track the request, ensure it will work to achieve your use-case, then issue it out to you for download from the support case.


    The next step should be for you to create a support case for the API Gateway, please, and we can go from there. Be sure to provide your full use-case in the description of the support case, and link to this community post as well if you don't mind as that may help speed things up a bit.


    Thank you.