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  • 1.  HTTPS

    Posted Feb 06, 2018 12:18 PM
    Hi, Is there a guide or tutorial somewhere to show how to switch the Application Manager console V9 from basic HTTP to HTTPS?

  • 2.  HTTPS
    Best Answer

    Posted Feb 07, 2018 02:04 AM
    Hi @Patrice

    Many thanks for your request.

    By default all communications between clients, Agents, and the RmiServer are encrypted over SSL.
    This setting can be disabled during an Applications Manager installation process or by modifying parameters in system files.

    The web server being used to download the client.jnlp file and connect to the Applications Manager installation directory to download those .jnlp files is not using SSL or HTTPS by default.

    This must be enabled and configured by your Network Administrator. Once your web server is configured to use HTTPS, you must modify the $AW_HOME/web/client.jnlp file and change any http:// to https:// to reflect the new secure web server address.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.