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Very slow start of a DollarU node

  • 1.  Very slow start of a DollarU node

    Posted May 07, 2019 08:24 AM


    I have a node that put very long time to start.
    The engine "Calculator" have a next wake up more than 20 minutes.


    This node is in version 6.7.41 and on a server AIX 5.3.
    UVC : 6.9.21
    UVMS : 6.8.01


    Number average of launch by day : 1500 tasks


    Method of design :
    We have put a lot of launch windows until 10:00 AM.
    For example, a task schedule at 22:00, we have a launch windows at 22:00 for 10:00.

    In our sessions, we have one main task with the schedule of the specific tasks (see files attached)


    Do you know somes axes to start more speedy ?

    For example, not to launch the twice engines "launcher" and "calculator" together ?


    Good day.