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How to Generate Encrypted password for updating in Automation Engine “ucsrv.ini” file

  • 1.  How to Generate Encrypted password for updating in Automation Engine “ucsrv.ini” file

    Posted Apr 02, 2019 05:57 AM



    we are creating replica of our exiting 12.0.3(ofuc42s) environment with 12.0.3(ofuc4d1) name which will be our sandbox environment and will do upgrade of this.


    I am making changes in Automation Engine “ucsrv.ini” file and also I need to update user encrypted password. PFB section where I need to make changes.


    ; Oracle with OCI


    ; DB2 with CLI


    I found that we need to use “Encoding Password” utility for generating the encrypted password but this document gives UCYBCRYP.EXE file which can not be run on Linux server also when I have downloaded on my laptop when I am trying to run this .exe file a black screen open and disappear. Can someone please suggest how to generate the encrypted password.

    Encoding Passwords

    Enter the user nameName of the Automation Engine user. and the passwordA secret combination of characters for a Automation Engine user. for databaseA database is an organized collection of data including relevant data structures. access in the INI files' section [ODBC] of Automation EngineThis component drives an Automation Engine system and consists of different types of server processes.s and utilitiesUtilities support the execution of administrative tasks in an Automation Engine system (such as reorganizing and archiving the Automation Engine database).. For safety reasons, the password should always be encoded. This is what the program UCYBCRYP.EXE is for.

    The file UCYBCRYP.EXE is stored in the directory IMAGE:TOOLS\ENCRYPT. Use the following parameters to enter the program via the command line:

    UCYBCRYP[.EXE] -p -n Password

    The file PASSWORD.UCC which contains the encoded password is created in the same directory. The encoded password can now be copied to the INI file.

    UCYBCRYP.EXE requires the C++ 2010 Redistributable Package.


    ucybcryp -p -n uc4

    Note that an encrypted password starts with two leading hyphens. Two exclamation marks are shown instead of hyphens if the file content of PASSWORD.UCC under Windows is output with the command TYPE. Thus, always copy the password from the file.


  • 2.  Re: How to Generate Encrypted password for updating in Automation Engine “ucsrv.ini” file

    Posted Apr 02, 2019 11:26 AM

    FYI....To all. I was able to generate the encrypted Data Base password. Above doc refer to the UCYBCRYP.EXE file which we need to copy from to image folder to our laptop and run trigger the command from the command prompt and it generate the PASSWORD.UCC.


    1. As mentioned above download the UCYBCRYP.EXE file to your local machine.

    2. Go to the Command Prompt of your machine.

    3. Go the specific folder where you have placed "UCYBCRYP.EXE" file and then run the command.

    D:\Test>UCYBCRYP.exe -p -n uc4