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Automic folder copying issue

  • 1.  Automic folder copying issue

    Posted Mar 28, 2019 10:45 PM

    'I'm using Automic Continuous Delivery Director and have used the "File Find" job to find a file in a directory. i'm then wanting to perform a copy of directory and paths under this directory using the 'File Copy" job.

    I'm wanting to add the path found in the "File Find" job to enter as the value in the "File Copy"-Source directory/file name section.

    i'm looking for a specific folder that won't necessarily be under the same directory structure all the time.

    i've tried adding Variables from the "File copy" section without any success.

    i get the following messages

    3/29/2019 01:16:07 PM
    U00021719 Syntax error in object 'PCK.AUTOMIC_FILESYSTEM.PUB.ACTION.COPY', line '00000'. 'U01001308 Variable 'UC4RB_OUT_SEARCH_RESULT#' has not yet been defined.'.
    3/29/2019 01:16:06 PM
    U00011502 Workflow 'PCK.AUTOMIC_FILESYSTEM.PUB.ACTION.FIND' (RunID '0003218148') ended normally.
    3/29/2019 01:16:06 PM
    U00011006 Job 'PCK.AUTOMIC_FILESYSTEM.PRV.JOB.FIND@WINDOWS' (RunID '0003218150' / Workflow-RunID: '0003218148') on Host 'BKFAPP0010VM' ended normally. Remote ID=4388

    can anyone help out?