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    Posted Mar 21, 2018 01:53 PM
    We have a User Group called NEW USERS that we did not create, looking into the group we see there is a number of users in the group but not all users. The users in the group are not all new users but there are some new users in the group. 

    Some of the users in the group are listed with their actual user name and some are listed with a name that has brackets around it i.e [name]. 

    None of our administrator have been adding users into this group so we need to find out how/why users are bieng put into the group so we can shut it down (if needed). 

    We are a banner school and started using BANJPROXY as of release General 8.9.4 is this related?

    The user group NEW_USER was created by the RA BANNER agent for captured Banner jobs. It is documented in the Banner Agent Guide under the section Working with Jobs