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Agent : Migration to another Management Server

  • 1.  Agent : Migration to another Management Server

    Posted Jan 19, 2018 08:08 AM
    When migrating an agent from a Management Server to another, sometimes the Collector could not because the agent try to reach the old MS.

    Context: Moving an agent from MS_1 to MS _2

    Check if the ms parameter in the [MS_SERVERS_DEF] section is correctly setted in the configuration file:



    The messages below are present in the Collector's logs:

    Thu Oct  5 09:39:57 2017: Evt - Send stop message to 'Management Server (alerts v1)' 'MS_1' (
    Thu Oct  5 09:40:02 2017: Evt - *** Client not responding: 'Management Server (alerts v1)' Pid=3036  'MS_1' (

    The error's message refers to the old Management Server (MS_1). This information is cached in a .clt file

    In order to solve this issue, please follow this procedure: 

    1. Stop the Collector & the File Server

    2. Rename the file  /opt/sysload/coll/conf/xxxx.clt en /opt/sysload/coll/conf/xxxx.old

    3. Restart the File Server and the Collector