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How to deal with multi-level json

  • 1.  How to deal with multi-level json

    Posted Apr 04, 2019 12:17 PM

    We have an API gateway that will perform tasks using CA Automic Service Orchestration;
    At some point this gateway sends a json to Automic. We can replace this gateway with a Postman, for example, called the Automic Workflow;
    We are having difficulty in:

    • Read and treat data from this json because Automic is not understanding a json structure of one more level. See below the "mp";
    • Get json can read the data on more than one level, but in its response it modifies the json structure. For example: What was "environment": "L", turns environment = L
    • Pass json to a variable within Workflow PrompSet as Automic is not mainly understanding a json LF (ENTER) and error in execution;
    • We tried to capture json values and put it into variables: &parameters#.Environment, &parameters#.platform, &, for exemple.


        "service_id": "2bd2423dcccbb707f2bc9ce61ed0d88b",
        "plan_id": "542b7c78b3c99ff864155bb82d933fe6",
        "context": {
        "clusterid": "63cdf3a0-134d-11e9-85a6-7e5c1a25d90f",
        "namespace": "automation-broker",
        "platform": "kubernetes"
        "parameters": {
        "mp": {
                "vg": "",
                "mps":     [
                            { "mp": "/", "tamanho": "10" },
                            { "mp": "/usr", "tamanho": "30" }



    When we have line break in json, Automic return@:

    "code": 45106,
    "error": "The request is invalid and can not be processed by the Automation Engine.",
    (CTRL-CHAR, code 13)): has to be escaped using backslash to be included in string value \ n [Source: HttpInputOverHTTP @ 21dd5ffd [c = 1247, q = 0, 0] = null, s = STREAM]; line: 5, column: 85] "