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  • 1.  Console: Viewing Alerts

    Posted Aug 07, 2017 11:28 AM

    In order to adopt a proactive behavior, it's necessary to be alerted when anomalies are detected. An alert can represent the accumulation of several conditions reached, for example: nb of process present +% cpu + nb of threads waiting ...

    Also, events can be applied on systems but, more finely, on applications, services ...

    • View Alerts through the Review and Tracking

    Please find below the procedure for viewing the Alerts through Balance and Tracking. They will provide the relevant information to reduce the diagnostic time.

     1.Through the icon in red below, choose 'Alert Report'

     6u47189j2vok.png" width="241">

    2.Selecting 'Alert Monitoring ...' will give you a table summarizing the alerts in real-time, as follows:

    w7g2x095aa7o.png" width="792">

    3.Selecting 'Alert Report...' will give you a summary of the alerts you've received:

    8txak4uvf4cp.png" width="778">


    Below is the procedure forviewing alerts through Mosaic views. By means of a changing color mechanism, the alert detected is presented and makes it possible to be prevented quickly.

    1.Select 'New view' as below:

    5huy88chpcyh.png" width="250"> 

    Give a name to this view: 'System View' for example.

    082h0xptrye1.png" width="516">

    2.In the window that appears, right-click and select "New Monitored Objects Group..."

    vordnx2u5wif.png" width="507">

    You can choose which group will be present in your system view.

    3.To change the view : Do a right-click in your view, choose 'View' and 'Mosaïc' as below:

    dc2la4bywvzz.png" width="598"> 

    You will get this view:

    oyzi6m7ey23v.png" width="501">

    By clicking on one of the bricks, you will get real-time alerts.

    Clicking again on the alert in the report will give you the graph of the consumption. This in-depth approach allows for quick troubleshooting.