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  • 1.  Long Term history

    Posted Sep 21, 2017 04:46 AM


    The Long-Term History allows you to analyze and identify trends. The collection step is 5 minutes (minimum) corresponding to all data beyond the short-term history. The metrics are stored on the disk.




    • 5 minutes (not editable) for Unix and Windows Agents
    • The period can be changed from 5 to 90 minutes for OS / 400 and database agents.
    • An interval of 5 minutes is a good compromise between the accuracy of the data and the phenomena of not significant peaks
    • All collected metrics are archived in the local database:



    How to set up the purge:

    You can configure the purge from the Console or in the Collector configuration file.

    • Console
    1 - Right-click on the Monitored Object.
    2 - Select the menu "Modify Parameters" > "Define Collector parameters..."
    3 - In the section "Long Term History Monthly Purge" you can enable or disable the purge:

    ycwztqb7qcq6.png" width="685">
    This menu also allows you to configure the number of months to keep, to shcedule the day and time of execution.

    4 - Click on c2in83zs6xg6.png to validate the new parameter.
    5 - Restart the Collector.

    • In the Collector Configuration file: 

    1 - Edit the Collector Configuration file
    2 - Modify the parameter "EnableLongTermHistPurge" in [LONG_TERM_HIST_PURGE_MONTHLY]:  

    [LONG_TERM_HIST_PURGE_MONTHLY] EnableLongTermHistPurge#Format                : Boolean #Optional/Mandatory    : Optional #Activation of long term history live purge if set to 1 #Set by default to "0" in the Agent configuration file (disabled) #Appeared in v5.30 #To apply new parameters an Agent Collector must be restarted
    You can also configure:

    The number of months to keep: 

    #Format                : Integer #Optional/Mandatory    : Optional #Number of months of long term history to keep #Set by default to "3" in the agent configuration file #Appeared in v5.30


    How to schedule the excution:


    [LONG_TERM_HIST_PURGE_MONTHLY] ExecPurge_DayOfMonth#Format                : Integer #Optional/Mandatory    : Optional #Position of the day in month for monthly purge execution #Set by default to "1" in the Agent configuration file (first day of the month) #Appeared in v5.30
    #Format                : Time (hh:mm) #Optional/Mandatory    : Optional #Time for monthly purge execution #Set by default to "01:10" in the Agent configuration file #Appeared in v5.30

    3 - Save your changes.

    4 - Restart the Collector.


    For full parameters in this section, refer to the agent documentation.

    Find the details of each type of history in this location:Real Time/Short Term