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How to create an alerting rule in a node

  • 1.  How to create an alerting rule in a node

    Posted 04-19-2017 11:58 AM
    Creating an alerting rule in a node to monitor jobs that meet some criteria based   Uproc, session, or any other parameter  depending of duration or status then sending an e-mail to the specified recipients.

    From the UVC console go to Monitoring  tab,  OPERATION SETTINGS section and select Alerting Rules.  Click on New

    Assign the criticalness and desired criteria for the alert.

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    Define what will be monitored from either duration or job status. Check all that applies for your requirement.

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    Check on E-mail notification and define the recipients for the e-mail. If there is more than one use ;

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    Save and Close. Once the alerting rule is created, it should be Activated in order to make it work.  From the screen select the alert and click on Activation drop down list and select Enable


    One the alert is activated it will start to work depending on the selection and monitoring criterias.

  • 2.  How to create an alerting rule in a node

    Posted 04-28-2017 06:42 AM
    Once the alert has been designed accordingly, and once it has been activated it will be pushed onto node all nodes that match the filter in the rule.

    This will be performed at the next synchronization that takes place every 30 seconds by default.

    To check if the alert has been properly pushed on the node you can lstalert.exe


    Hint; Synchronization is a process where the nodes sends all information he has received back to UVMS to check if they uptodate (The node list, the security data , the alert rules it has received). Every 180 seconds a full synchroization takes place where UVMS sends all the current data to the node.