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dollar universe, Uproc

  • 1.  dollar universe, Uproc

    Posted 12-04-2017 04:26 AM

    Hello All,

    How can we add multiple mail addresses (Recipients ) in Uproc Type SAP_XBP2.

    OS : Windows

    Application Version: 6.7.21



  • 2.  dollar universe, Uproc

    Posted 12-19-2017 04:16 AM

    SAP_XBP2 Uproc – Start Option Section

    Three exclusive values are proposed:

    • As soon as possible: the Job will be submitted as soon as possible by SAP, in other words, as soon as sufficient resources are available.
    • Immediately: the Job will be submitted immediately by SAP. If the required resources aren’t available, the Job will abort in SAP and the Uproc will also abort.
    • Scheduled: the Job will be created in the Scheduled status in SAP.

    When the Uproc is submitted, it will appear with the status Running while in SAP, the job will be submitted with the status Scheduled. For the job to run in SAP, it must be released by a user in SAP or by running the command uxstr SAP RLS in a Uproc type CL_INT or CL_EXT, in Dollar Universe.

    Recipient type: type of the distribution list. This field is mandatory if the Recipient field is empty, otherwise, it is optional.

    • A: External address
    • B: SAP user name
    • C: Shared distribution list
    • F: Fax number
    • P: Private distribution list
    • R: Remote mail address
    • U: Internet address
    • X: X400 address

    Spool list: the spool list recording flag indicates that the SAP Job spool list should be saved to the Uproc log on Job completion.

    Recipient: name of the Job spool distribution list (for a list associated with a SAP user, the result is received in the SBWP transaction in the inbox). Format: 70 characters.

    So you can use a distribution list if you need to send email to several people