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How to identify the consumption of an Application

  • 1.  How to identify the consumption of an Application

    Posted Aug 09, 2017 06:16 AM
    Using the entities, it is possible to identify the consumption of an Application, a Service, a user, a Shared Folder or a Storage Space. For example, you can detect the impact of an application on an infrastructure. Graphs are accessible through icons with the possibility of selecting the desired metrics.

    Below is the procedure for tracking the CPU usage of an application identified by an entity:

    1. Using the icon shown in red below, choose 'Real-Time Graph'

    bk3saoxcmzxs.png" width="532">

    2. Define the graph as below, choose 'Application - Specific' in the 'Activities' section and choose the desired metrics.


    3. You then get the consumption of the application 'oracle' defined by the entity 'oracle'.

    pjmzhfji80wa.png" width="672">

    4. You could track different activities:
    - To track Service select in Activites 'Service Monitoring - Specific'
    - To track a Shared Folder select 'Shared Folder - Specific'
    - To track a User select 'User - Specific'
    - To track a Storage Space select 'Storage Space Monitoring specific'