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  • 1.  Moving DU nodes to new network/servers

    Posted Jun 07, 2018 01:53 AM



    We are moving our Dollar Universe slowly to a new network. We have access to our current network during this transfer.

    The first phase would be to install UVMS servers (primary and failover nodes) to the new network.

    We are planning to keep all the current settings (company name etc) in the new network so we won't be doing a totally new setup there.


    Any tips for the transfer?

    Can we just shutdown the current UVMS servers, then install the new UVMS servers to use the same company, UVMS name etc. and then start up the new servers and everything should be working?


    We will be requesting new licences to the servers from CA support and firewall settings will be configured that all the needed ports are open.


    Thanks in advance.


    Best regards,


  • 2.  Re: Moving DU nodes to new network/servers

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Jun 29, 2018 08:18 AM

    Hello AukustiLahteenmaki


    Please confirm that your UVMS use an external Database (SQL / Oracle) or a local one (Derby). 


    Best Regards jeabr01

  • 3.  Re: Moving DU nodes to new network/servers

    Posted Oct 08, 2018 06:50 AM



    Sorry this project was on hold for some time and I kind of forgot this thread.


    We are using external MS SQL database in a dedicated SQL server which is not yet transferred to a new network.

    The connections between new & old network will work so we don't need to worry about the database being in the old network.


    The first thing we are going to do is to move the UVMS servers (primary&secondary failover server) to the new network and it will use the same external database.

    What is the best way to move the UVMS servers?

    We are going to do a full rebuild of the servers to new network. So the old servers will still be available as long we need.


    Could we just install UVMS on the two new servers and add it to the same company. Then add identical licenses from the old UVMS servers to the new UVMS servers.

    Then at some point just uninstall UVMS from the old servers?




    Best regards,

    Aukusti Lähteenmäki

  • 4.  Re: Moving DU nodes to new network/servers

    Posted Oct 08, 2018 09:05 AM

    Are the current servers nodes being migrated onto a new network by adding them to the new domain or are the nodes to be rebuilt on fresh servers located in the new network/domain? If the latter then there would need to be an install of the node onto the new server.


    To help with things all of the objects from a node could be extracted to a package then dropped back onto the new node once installed.


    Nodes from v6 and above would need to have a UVMS to register onto and node names also need to be unique on a particular UVMS though the node license does not care about the host name.


    A fresh UVMS (new license would be required) could be created with suitable external DB as per current then nodes could be registered as they are built. You would need to ensure that security, roles etc are in place on the new UVMS to align with your needs.


    The idea is then to move nodes from UVMS A onto new UVMS B. This way you have the ability to have the same node running on UVMS A  and UVMS B at the same time (though you would only want one of them scheduling with the old used as reference).


    Once migration of nodes complete any packages on the old UVMS could be exported as a flat files then reimported to the new UVMS if required so all objects carried over.


    The new network/domain would then have all of the old env migrated, at that point the old UVMS and nodes on old servers can be decommissioned.

  • 5.  Re: Moving DU nodes to new network/servers

    Posted Oct 09, 2018 05:47 AM

    UVMS and DUAS nodes will be built on a fresh new servers, so we'll reinstall everything.


    We'll first move&re-install two UVMS servers (primary&secondary failover).

    My initial plan has been that we'll install UVMS to the two new servers in the new network. UVMS servers will be added to the same company with new hostnames etc.

    So for a moment we would have total of 4 UVMS servers available.

    And after the new servers have been working ok, we'll uninstall the old UVMS servers totally.

    We will use the same external DB also.


    In the manual and UVMS installer there are terms "primary" and "secondary" but I haven't found anything about these in the settings.

    And according to UVMS manual we can install it to several servers:

    Several UVMSs, installed on different physical or virtual machines, can coexist on the same database. The machines must use the same Time Zone, and the time must be synchronized internally.


    I don't want to create any new databases or Company names in DU if there is no need to.


    The connection from new network to old network will work, so we are not doing this in a "big bang". We'll move DUAS servers as we can move them.

  • 6.  Re: Moving DU nodes to new network/servers

    Posted Oct 09, 2018 06:00 AM

    My understanding is that there is 1 Primary UVMS and several Secondary UVMS servers. The primary is installed first then as many secondaries as you wish. Only 1 UVMS should be active at any 1 time (or more than 1 for short periods say during a failover)


    Each or the UVMS servers will connect to the external DB so any changes can be tracked by whatever the active UVMS happens to be.


    The nodes are aware of the UVMS servers and will attempt to connect to the primary UUVMS first then the others if that is not available. There is a values file on each of the UVMS servers that contains all the definitions of which UVMS is primary and which is secondary.


    You may want to check this with support but eventually if one of the UVMS servers to be decommed is the primary then you many want to update the Values files of the other secondary UVMS nodes to make it the new primary. When a full sync of the nodes takes place they will be updated with the new primary/secondary config.


    As long as there is at least 1 UVMS up things should be ok.

  • 7.  RE: Re: Moving DU nodes to new network/servers

    Posted Apr 23, 2020 09:33 AM

    I work in a simular case.
    If I understand correctly when a UVMS server is declared secondary or slave and if we stop the master UVMS server all the nodes will be visible and usable from the slave UVMS become master. and this automatically.

    We just need to have imported all the objects from the old node?

    Thank you in advance for your feedback

  • 8.  RE: Re: Moving DU nodes to new network/servers

    Posted May 22, 2020 06:14 AM

    We did this last year and the original plan was to install 2 new UVMS servers (primary & failover) to the "new side" and still have the old servers as backup.
    But it didn't actually go as planned but worked still. After installing a new failover node, the primary UVMS in the old side also stopped working.
    I don't remember anymore how I did it but there were some commands to move the installation to other server or something like that. Maybe that was the problem, maybe a normal new installation would have worked ok.
    So I installed both new UVMS server to the new side at the same time and stopped using the old servers.