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How to configure SMTP Email Notification in Dollar Universe

  • 1.  How to configure SMTP Email Notification in Dollar Universe

    Posted Jun 20, 2018 12:35 PM
    1. From UVC console, on Admin tab go to Nodes list. Select the UVMS node and click on Node Settings. 
    2. Go to Alert settings and provide all the SMTP parameters as: SMTP host, port and the SMTP account sender 
    3. Save and close
    4.  Still within Node settings go to Optional Services and change Enable Alert Management value to Yes. 
    5. Save and close 
    6. On the DUAS node, go to Node Settings and select @SMTP. Define the default values for email like sender email address, SMTP server host, SMTP port. 
    7. If you want to use a different email address for each area select each of them and enter the appropriate value. 
    8. Save and close. 
    9. Test email functionality in a Uproc defining the E-mail notification. Select the uproc and click Update. 
    10. Go to the E-mail Notification section and check on the boxes for statuses you want to be notified when they occurred. 
    11. Check on the box Attach job log if you want to receive the job log included in the email. 
    12. Enter the appropriate email addresses that should receive this email. 
    13.  Save and Close 
    14. Run the job and check if you our the defined recipient has received the email notification when the job is completed.