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Software Distribution Server

  • 1.  Software Distribution Server

    Posted Mar 20, 2018 04:17 AM
    Software Distribution Server is used to manage and deploy agent installations.


    Manage installations of Sysload SP Analyst modules from a central location
    • Agent for Unix, Agent for Windows, Agent Log Monitor, Agents Customs
    • Console

    Supports the following types of installation:
    • New installation
    • Update
    • Patch
    • Uninstalling
    Allows the Sysload administrator not to depend on a specialized software distribution team (if it exists internally)
    • Software Distribution runs the native Sysload installer
    • Minimum tests before launching installation or patch
    • Independence, no internal billing


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    • Packages are not currently pushed by the Distribution Derver to distribution clients
    • Clients request packages from the server
    • A client requests the server every 30 minutes (by default) to check if it has packages that are candidates for the client.
    • By default, the Distribution Clients connect to the Distribution Server at startup, then every 30 minutes to check if there are Packages to download (and perform the associated command)


    Deploying a module through the distribution solution is done in two steps
    1. Create a package (done using the GUI)
    2. Distribute the package for the target machines (performed by the distribution client)
    If candidates are available:
    • The client downloads the packages in a temporary directory
    • The client launches the installion kit which contain in the package
    The distribution of the package then consists of:
    • Set up targets for the package
    • Define the content and properties of the package


    Please find the documentation of Software Distribution on our website.