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How to delay an Uproc execution within a session

  • 1.  How to delay an Uproc execution within a session

    Posted Aug 29, 2018 11:51 AM

    When there is a non-simultaneity dependency that is being flagged because the Uproc is starting at the exact second that the non-simultaneity dependent Uproc is ending, what the possibilities are to delay its execution.


    1)   Using a 3rd Uproc


          A 3rd dummy uproc  containing only a uxsleep command with a second or two depending on how  the dependent uproc should wait after the non-simultaneity condition uproc completes. 


    UPR3 could be created as follows:


    Dummy Uproc

    UPR2 has a non-simultaneity condition on UPR1 and a completion execution successfully on UPR3


    Uproc Conditions
    UPR3 should be added in the session as below:



    2)   Including uxsleep command on UPR2


    Instead of creating a dummy Uproc the uxsleep command could be added at the beginning of UPR2 that way even if the uproc starts to execute right away the main processing won't start until the uxsleep time is over.