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Console: Creating a Workspace

  • 1.  Console: Creating a Workspace

    Posted Aug 07, 2017 06:07 AM

    Workspaces are used to group all graphs and views related to an application, process, operating system, database... The principle is to be able to register these workspaces and thus to quickly find all the elements that help in the diagnosis of an incident.

    The first example of workspace can be done on a general OS diagnosis.

    1- Create a "troubleshooting" workspace on recurring problems, with graphs, counters, mosaic views, and alert trails that help reduce diagnostic time.

    2 - Save the workspace with the graphs corresponding to the topic being processed.

    3- As below, select "Save Workspace". 

    owr4ne5xa2n7.png" width="1408">

    To automatically organize the workspace, choose "Window" in the menu bar and choose "Tile Horizontally" or "Tile Vertically".

    4 - Give a name to the space you want to save, with he window that appears:
    l77uzlcorzz6.png" width="354">

    5 - Following the registration of the workspace, OPEN a new space so as not to risk overwriting the previous one. On the menu bar choose: Workspace> New workspace.