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Migrating Job Scripts from one OS to another

  • 1.  Migrating Job Scripts from one OS to another

    Posted Jul 23, 2018 11:08 AM

    When you migrate tasks, sessions and uprocs from one node to another in different environments or operating systems is always recommended to verify them all one at the time to find the possible differences in syntax to execute commands or scripting language.


    If it's an OS that has different scripting languages like AIX or Linux, it all depends on the shell you are using.


    Example AIX is usually while Linux  comes with bash, so either you check both shells and their differences or you install ksh (or whatever shell you are using in AIX) in your Linux box and don't have to touch anything.  


    Be aware that not all commands available on AIX are present on Linux (and vice versa). This does depend on what your scripts do. You can take a look  A Sysadmin's Unixersal Translator (ROSETTA STONE)


    Also consider the posibility that even if you're using the same shell the syntax is still different between two OS. Below you will find an example of differences between AIX and Linux to assign content to a variable:


    On AIX script would be :



    On Linxux script will change to this :

    STEP_PROGRAM="$"$(echo ${S_CODUG}_STEP${1}_PROGRAM) 


    In other OS like Windows scripts coming from other OS simply won't work and they need to be rewritten completely before they are implemented even if the structure in DUAS doesn't change for those jobs.