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Extracting a values for output file (report)

  • 1.  Extracting a values for output file (report)

    Posted Mar 23, 2017 12:59 PM

    I have a Unix script and is defined as a Banner as a job (i.e., can submit from Job sub in Banner)

    The script calls a SQL script and produces a comma delimited file (ex. "21342","20170323").  The place the extracted value in an e-mail.

    After the job is complete I want to extract the first line of text. 

    I created a condition in the Job  (Timing: AFTER; Condition: STATUS; Fi status - FINISHED; Then EXTRACT VALUE first time).  I know this part works.

    In the extract  Detail...
    FILE Filter I have tried Substitution variables that give the full path to the output file - {#LIS_FILE_FULL_PATH}.

    Tried both "Report files " and  "External Files"
    Search: ","  (I tried just " did not work)
    Position: 1-100
    The subvar: #TWRBMEN_RECORD

    I placed {#LIS_FILE_FULL_PATH} in my e-mai text body.  The e-mail does show its value (ex./dmp/automic/jobtest_twrbmen_67910.lis) so I know {#LIS_FILE_FULL_PATH} has a value.  However, the value of #TWRBMEN_RECORD is blank.

    When I hard code the  FILE Filter:  to /dmp/automic/jobtest_twrbmen_67910.lis (a report created by a previous run)  the Extract works.  The value of  #TWRBMEN_RECORD is in the e-mail.

  • 2.  Extracting a values for output file (report)

    Posted Mar 30, 2017 11:51 AM
    According to Automic Support.

    It is a known problem that was fixed in V8.0 P15.  We are on an older version.  However,  we are planning to upgrade to V9x