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How to launch a remote job using the "uxadd fla" command

  • 1.  How to launch a remote job using the "uxadd fla" command

    Posted Aug 09, 2016 12:21 PM
    When trying to launch a job on a remote node using the "uxadd fla" command, the job runs locally even though the remote node is specified with the MU= parameter.

    The NODE= parameter needs to be used to launch remote jobs using the "uxadd fla" command.

    The full syntax for the command is:

    # ./uxadd fla help 
    Adds a future launch to the list of future launches. 

    uxadd FLA 
    [NODE]= format:64c default:S_NOEUD or S_NODENAME 
    [EXP | SIM | INT | APP] default:S_ESPEXE 
    [TSK]= format:64c 
    [SES]= format:64c default:" " 
    [VSES]= format:3n 
    UPR= format:64c 
    [VUPR]= format:3n 
    MU= format:64c 
    [PRINTER]= format:4c 
    [PRTY]= format:3n default:100 
    [QUEUE]= format:31c default:SYS_BATCH 
    USER= format:64c 
    LSTART=(U_FMT_DATE,hhmm) default: System time 
    LEND=(U_FMT_DATE,hhmm) default: System time + 5 minutes 
    [EXLW]=(hhmm,hhmm) default:(0000,0000) 
    PDATE= format:U_FMT_DATE 
    [FORCE | NOFORCE] default:NOFORCE 
    [CENTRAL | NOCENTRAL] default:NOCENTRAL (deprecated) 
    [RESTART | NORESTART] default:NORESTART (deprecated) 
    [INFO]= format:50c 
    [SEV]= format:4n or " " 

    NOTE: TSK is not compatible with UPR, SES, USER