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 A couple instances of 'live' edits in a timebox not saving

posted 04-12-2021 01:30 PM
Hi - I am one of the main Rally support people for my org. During our last PI Planning, one of the Scrum Masters had a couple instances of his Timebox edits not saving. He was updating the Theme field in the tabular/live (not detail) edit view. It had a fair amount of text in it before and he was making a number of edits over the course of a meeting. At the end of the meeting he clicked out of the field and went on to other work. However, when he came back to it during the business review, the updates were not there. This happened with two of the timebox themes that he was editing - out of three. He now doesn't trust Rally for his work and will be using another tool to edit text and copy/paste it into Rally. 

Is this a known issue? Is there something that we could be doing different to prevent this?