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 Rally Template not allowing certain fields default options

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Traci Schmitt posted Oct 29, 2021 12:15 PM
My team utilizes multiple Rally templates, so I have created some previously.  I am trying to create a new template for defects, but am encountering some problems.  

1.  The Release and Iteration fields do not appear as options on the template when I provide a default entry. I have tried leaving them as Unscheduled and alternatively I created generic default options in Timeboxes and used those.  Neither option worked with the template.

When I reference Rally's help documentation, it says "You can add default values for any fields for the work item. However, you are restricted to a subset of fields when including tasks or child user stories."

I have tried various settings: no tasks, no child projects, etc. but the fields I am trying to set are in the work item itself. I am having no luck with this.

2. I want to prepend the name of the defects.  The only option appears to be to add a default name.

When I reference Rally's help documentation, it says "For text fields, define whether the template content replaces, prepends, or appends the field contents."  

Is the Name field not a text field?  Or has it just not been set up that way?  If it has not been set up that way, could it be?

I would appreciate any help as to what I am doing wrong.

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Broadcom Employee David LeDeaux
Hi Traci,
I did some digging on your first question.  It seems that we don't include releases and iterations since you could find yourself obsoleting templates frequently when you have an iteration embedded in the template and the iteration or release has passed.  Also, since releases and iterations can be project-specific, but templates can be shared workspace-wide, it can get sticky on how to handle that.  I have asked if our documentation team can update the wording to indicate that there are some exceptions there.

Regarding your second question, the Name field is technically not a text field but a "string" field.  So its behavior is a little different than the full rich text fields like Description.