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 Migration/Upgrade from Virtual CA API Gateway v 9.4 to Software Gateway v10.0

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Jaykumar Solanki posted Feb 03, 2021 12:42 AM
Hi Community, 

We're planning to Upgrade our existing Virtual Form Factor API gateway v 9.4 to v 10.0, the catch here is that we're thinking to migrate from virtual appliance form factor to software Gateway v10.0,  We've explored 'Automated Expedited Upgrade Procedure' but it seems that Ansible playbooks provided in this particular approach is only for Virtual appliance to virtual Appliance Upgradation. Is anyone aware of the best approach for Virtual Appliance 9.4 to Software Gateway 10.0 migration? Please note we have quite a few number of gateways which eliminates the fully manual migration approach.

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