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 Nolio Caching Issue for API Calls

posted 03-10-2021 10:46 AM
Hi All,

I am trying to call Release Automation API's to run the deployment plan but I do observe intermittent issues when I try to post the run for deployment. Below is the error observed and we use manifest file

{"description":"Unable to resolve owner of loading collection [[com.nolio.releasecenter.model.release.ModuleImpl.precedingModules#32422993000]] for second level caching; nested exception is org.hibernate.HibernateException: Unable to resolve owner of loading collection [[com.nolio.releasecenter.model.release.ModuleImpl.precedingModules#32422993000]] for second level caching","result":false}

I do not see any entries in Release Automation and there are no logs reported. Can anyone explain that caching needs to be flushed here? Does it cause any issue to the running application?

Broadcom Employee
Hi Parthiban,

I don't have any first hand experience with this. However, it looks like someone had reported this problem and performing the cleanups (stopping services on your NAC and NES and removing the files outlined in the folders described in this KB: might have helped. 

It's worth a try. 

Kind regards,