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 Create node settings package on UVMS by command line

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Angus Reid posted Sep 14, 2021 10:59 AM
UVMS version 6_10_81 Windows 2019 R2

It is possible to create a package containing node settings, such as node variables or node files?   The manual says the add to package to command can be used for any package type. 
Carried out a test using a target node and the swithc -full however only Sesssion, Uprocs et were created in a convetional package not things like node variables.

Is this possible? Looking to automate deploying node settings around the estate and want to remove as much manual interaction as possible. For now only way seems to be to manually create a node settings package via Univiewer.
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SupportAutomation AptaSolutions
Hello @Angus Reid,

I know it is possible to deploy (also list, export, import, and delete) an existing node settings package via UVMS CLI (ex: unidpl PKG <...> -pkgtype SETTINGS <...>)​​​. However, I have not yet found a way to create such a package outside of UVC. Once the package is created in UVC, it is definitely possible to deploy it to new nodes. See here for details:

unidpl PKG

I know there are a lot of auto-deployment features slated for v7 due early next year, so maybe this functionality will be added in this version. Or perhaps there is another way to accomplish this that someone from Broadcom might know of.

I hope that helps!
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Angus Reid
Thanks for the info, will juat have to automate what is possible for now in that case such as deploying to other nodes. 

See what version 7 has when it arrives.
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Eric Delawoevre
Hi Reid,

Yes it's possible, but limited

The v7 Version will more powerful key tools commands to do this
Particularly on the fact that a package can contains data (your BV session, task ready to deploy) and settings ( node variable for this deploy)
And a last, possible to link a DUAS TAG to this kind of package
So, whole is automated

For the command line, some gaps will be fixed.

So , before launching a command script campaign, I suggest to wait and start from v7 (only question of cost)

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Carlton flores
To modify a variable, double click on its value or select the line and click Update. The values entered in node settings must respect the specified format. UTF- 8 characters are not supported. Variables in bold type are “read only”. talktowendys surveyzop