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 Telephone calls via Automic?

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ClaudiaWalter605077 posted Nov 25, 2021 04:15 AM
Hello Team,

is there any possibility to invoke a phone-call whith Automic?

We do this by now with a very old version of robot5 when jobfailures occur and will need to find another solution for it.

Has anyone an idea?

Thank you in advance :)

Claudia Walter
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Broadcom Employee Markus Embacher

please check which telephone system you have available inhouse. Some of them already offer a REST API to initiate a phone call via REST.
Some examples are WebEx Teams, Avaya, Cisco, etc.)

Regards, Markus
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Pete Wirfs

The last time that I checked with our telcom staff, they said access to the API's would cost us $$$, and it was too much for us.

HACK ALERT: I discovered I could set up free accounts on IFTTT and build an IFTTT rule so that an incoming email results in an outgoing phone call. Not pretty.... and very brittle.  And setup/support of IFTTT accounts is time consuming.  However FREE and works well for us.   But if you need to support more than a couple dozen target phone numbers, then I would never consider this option.

BONUS HACK: We also use email to send text alerts to our staff.  Every cell phone carrier accepts text messages via email.  e.g. for ATT . We just ask that staff type this entire string into our repository.

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Thank you Markus und Pete,

what I learned is that there is noc out Of The Box Solution in Automic.

I asked my Colleage responsible for the telephone system  about the RES-Api.

And if there is no solution I check about IFTTT. I see, that they have Abo-contracts since last year.

Thank you both!