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 AWA 12.3 and timestamp

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marc broussard posted Jan 14, 2022 05:55 AM
In our AWA 12.3, I need to use timestamp.
I wanted to use :

but finally we need the milli seconds and not only the seconds (seconds are not enough)
Is it possible ?

&$PHYS_TIME_HHMMSSSS# does not work ...


Marc Broussard
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Christoph Rekers Best Answer
Hi @marc broussard,

Here's my solution using a VARA.BACKEND and date +"%T.%3N" as command​:

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Broadcom Partner Peter Grundler
Hi Marc,

from what I can see is that milli seconds are not supported using time formats. Can you use the current time (including msec) from the operating system?

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marc broussard


I am sure I will be abble to do it, but it is what I want to avoid !

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Pete Wirfs

I would probably pull it from the UC4 database with a VARA SQLI object.  It is still a costly call to an external resource though.

I have written an application (outside of UC4) that advanced its own timestamp value for the sake of generating unique data keys.  Doing a "add +1 to this value" runs much faster than calling an external resource. 

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marc broussard
thanks christoph​