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 Compound key in Find and Reserve

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Mark Boisjoli posted Mar 18, 2021 11:57 AM

I'm building a simple Find & Reserve model using two tables. Those two tables are related via a compound key. When adding fields for the second table, we eventually need to choose the existing relationship. Here, I just want to validate the following points:
-I have to choose one and only one relationship to build the relationship inside the F&R model.
-The behavior might differ according to the chosen relationship

In the case of multiple relationships, is there a way to choose multiple relationships? Or, in a more general way, how can F&R treat compound keys inside a model?

Thank you for your insight,
Mark Boisjoli 

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Mark Boisjoli

I was wondering if you have any insights on that regard. What happens when you select one or the other? What happens to the other relation?

Thank you,
Mark Boisjoli
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Broadcom Employee Abderrahmane Zahrir
Hi Mark,

From the UI, we only support one of the composite keys. In this case, the query that is built in the backend will use the chosen relationship rather than the composite key when joining the two tables.

However you will be able to create a Find and Reserve model that uses the composite key by using swagger directly

Regards, Dahman