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 Oracle Instant Client ok with WAAE 12.0.01?

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James Tyler posted Apr 26, 2022 02:17 AM
Hello All,

I have two questions regarding the choice of which 64-bit Oracle Client to run with WAAE R12.0.01..

Is there anyone running WAAE R12.0.01 with a 64-bit Oracle Instant Client (as opposed to the Full Client)?
Is there any reason why the Full 64-bit Oracle Client should be used with WAAE R12.0.01 and *not* the Instant Client?

I have successfully upgraded from WAAE R11.3.6 to WAAE R12.0.1. As a prereq to performing the upgrade I installed the Oracle 64-bit 21.5 Instant Client.
The upgrade worked fine and WAAE 12.0.01 appears to be running with the 21.5 Instant Client with no issues.
This Autoys environment connects to Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition Release We will be upgrading the database to Oracle 19c later this year too.

I wondered therefore if there is any advantage to using a Full Client instead given that WAAE 12.0.01 appears to be working fine with the 21.5 Instant Client and the 12c database?

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Chandrasekaran Venkataraman
Oracle 21c (db server, client alike) not certified yet with r12 SP1. We are using 19c. We did run into intermittent "ORA-03126 network driver does not support non-blocking operations" errors with Oracle 21c instant client (64bit), so downgraded it to  Ora 19c instant client. Haven't seen that error since. Hope I've jinxed it.