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 Unique Values in VARASXUFp?3nc$Fs

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Jason Higgins posted Jan 14, 2022 03:48 PM
I would like to use the PREP_PROCESS_FILE to process through each line of a bar delimited file and store the value of one column in a vara. The issue I am having is I would only like to store the unique values for that file. Does anyone have a good way to filter only the unique values into a vara?
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Pete Wirfs

Each time that you process a row from the file, you must check to see if that value has already been accepted or not.  This could be done by also storing accepted values into an array-variable that you can check against for this validation step.

However since you said this data is going into a VARA, it seems you might be able to just use your value as the KEY and every time you write the same KEY to the VARA, it should reject duplicate KEY values?