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 XPSDDInstall , XPSImport on CA directory multimaster multiwrite mode- upgrading from CA policy store12.6 to 12.8 sp04

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posted 01-12-2021 11:25 AM
Dear CA Experts,

We are currently using CA directory for policy store and we have recently upgraded CA policy store in QA, production upgrade is yet to happen this month. Our prod/DR environment has 2  policy servers(PROD) and 4 policy stores up(2 PROD and 2 DR) in multimaster multiwrite mode. We have few questions regarding in-place upgrade of policy store. 

1. We have 4 policy stores up(2 PROD and 2 DR) in multimaster multiwrite mode, 1st policy server is connected to both PROD policy stores likewise 2nd policy server.
For in-place policystore upgrade, 
when we  run xpsddinstall(Data definition) and xpsimport only one time on 1st policy server which connects to 1st policy store, will replication be successful across other 3 DSA instances 
should we run xpsddinstall(Data definition) and xpsimport  explicitly on each of the DSA's while they are in replication mode.

2. can we run xpsddinstall and xpsimport multiple times, will it cause any policy store corruption issues.

Broadcom Employee Best Answer

Hi Harsha,

Since you have replication in place, you only need to upgrade the policy store from one policy server per environment.  Replication will take care of the rest.

To answer your secondary question, it would do no harm if you repeated this procedure from each policy server since it's static data and thus would not change even if overwritten in this way, but this would be a needless step.