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 Is there a known limitation with Service Point and EEM with multi-domain configuration ?

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Armin Lengauer posted Feb 12, 2021 03:29 PM
Hi everyone, 

a client wants to use xFlow and Servicepoint. xFlow Analyst is working well but when switching to Servicepoint the "Loading message" refreshes in an endless cycle. 
In the incidentMS.log we found the following:  
02/08 16:38:21.31 S20115-SRVW-910 boplgin 1684 ERROR bplaccess.c 7453 Found session 962717111 but associated id health\infcgr does not match requested userid infcgr 
02/08 16:38:21.31 S20115-SRVW-910 boplgin 1684 ERROR bplaccess.c 6282 change_role failed; cannnot find session with id 962717111 and userid infcgr 
02/08 16:38:22.10 S20115-SRVW-910 boplgin 1684 ERROR bplaccess.c 3434  
AHD04043:The user name or password you entered is not correct. Please try again. 

EEM is configured with multiple domains. Does someone know if Servicepoint has a limitation concerning multiple domains ?

regards, Armin 

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Broadcom Employee Vito Francesco Mazzotta
Hi Armin
We had the same issues and we solved with the help of support.
They are aware of it so you should open an issue to them.
Hope this helps

Ps if so please share the final result :-)
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Broadcom Employee Maheshwar Kusuma

We have noted that the service Catalog end point value needs fully qualified domain name (FQDN) for this to work.

i.e. below are the steps

1. Login to Service Desk as Administrator

2. Go to Administrator Tab

3. Click on Options Manager - CA Service Catalog - casc_endpoint

4. update the value to a fully qualified domain name server i.e.

5. Save and close the window.

6. Recycle the SDM services.

7. Validate the behavior once again and let me know when switching to service point and on select my tickets you should be able to see the tickets page.
Let us know if this helps