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Tech Tip : CA Single Sign-On ::What information is stored in the SMSESSION Cookie

By Ujwol posted Aug 16, 2016 02:54 AM



What information is stored in the SMSESSION Cookie ?


Policy Server Version : ANY

Web Agent Version : ANY


SMSESSION Contains following :

  • ATTR_USERDN. The user's distinguished name.
  • ATTR_SESSIONSPEC. The session specification returned from the login call.
  • ATTR_SESSIONID. The session ID returned from the login call.
  • ATTR_USERNAME. The user's name.
  • ATTR_CLIENTIP. The IP address of the machine where the user initiated a request for a protected resource.
  • ATTR_DEVICENAME. The name of the agent that is decoding the token.
  • ATTR_IDLESESSIONTIMEOUT. Maximum idle time for a session.
  • ATTR_MAXSESSIONTIMEOUT. Maximum time a session can be active.
  • ATTR_STARTSESSIONTIME. The time the session started after a successful login.
  • ATTR_LASTSESSIONTIME. The time the current session was last accessed.


SESSIONSPEC can only be decrypted by Policy server. It contains following information :

  • SessionVersion
  • SessionStartTime
  • SessionLastTime
  • SessionMaxTimeout
  • SessionIdleTimeout
  • SessionLevel
  • SessionId
  • SessionIp
  • SessionDn
  • SessionDirOid
  • SessionDirName
  • SessionUnivId
  • SessionType
  • SessionAnonymous
  • SessionImpersonatorName
  • SessionLoginName
  • SessionPersistent
  • SessionDrift
  • SessionImpersonatorDirName
  • SessionAuthContext

Additional Information: