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CA World 2014 - Blog 2

By mike2.2 posted Nov 11, 2014 10:28 AM


Monday started with a rousing keynote address by CA's own Michael Gregoire. His industry fact based speech was a nice blend of where the industry has come from to where it is going. The comment that hit home and that I have experienced first hand is that it is possible to lose a customer if they do not have a response from their application within 3 seconds of clicking on an item. Just think about how many times you have complained if Clarity takes more than three seconds when you click? 10 years ago you didn't mind waiting 3 seconds. How far our expectations have changed in 10 years. After the keynote there was a Q and A with Biz Stone, Michael Gregoire and Jennifer Hyman. I highly suggest you fins a recording of this keynote. The Q and A is quite enjoyable.


The conference floor is a major departure from those CA Worlds in the past. There is less glitz, less take aways, but higher energy. The theatre configurations makes it very easy to attend session. The less give aways goes to my comment about CA World being a more green event. Perhaps 'Blue is the new Green'. Personally I like the reduced amount of giveaways. It means less to cart back home, and we all know what happens to the glossy's once we get home.


The major players in the PPM partner space are all there, Excers, Digital Celerity, Rego Consulting, and ITROI, just to name the few, and all have some pretty cool additions to Clarity. ITROI has an excel SharePoint interface that I hope to try out today.


The hit of the day was the keynote speech with Magic Johnson. I do not think I have ever met a person who had more energy (more than my 3 year old), and such a positive outlook on life. His stories about basketball and his transition through to becoming a business man is very inspiring. He walked the entire floor meeting and posing for pictures with everyone. From what I was told the teleprompter was telling Majic to go back on stage because the lighting was not good as he walked on the floor. But he didn't listen and he did things his way, he also went quite over his allowed time. But nobody seemed to mind, he was highly engaging and I could have spent the entire night listening to him. I hope CA recorded this keynote and you all get a chance to see it. It was truly inspirational.


As for the video blogging, I tried to record an interview from the conference floor, but there was too much background noise. We will try again if we can find a quiet spot.


Until tomorrow.


Michael Thibault