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CA Spectrum Webclient - What, Why, How..

By kiran_diwakar posted 08-17-2015 06:51 AM


Hello Team,

After x64, there is tremendous interest in the CA Spectrum webclient. We are very excited as well, and there is a demo scheduled  for the community too.

While we do that, I wanted to make the team aware of our rationale behind the work and also our thinking direction. The idea is for you all to review our scenarios and requirements and shout out if you think we are missing something. Here  is our story below..


Monitoring is mostly read/view only operations that revolve around alarm/events and triage of those situations – typically done by operators, whose numbers in most deployments could range from 10s to 100s

Administration is the configuration aspects of the tool itself – Spectrum in this case – typically done by administrators, whose numbers in most cases are very small

The philosophy would be to let administrators continue to use the Java OC Client and the operators can then be shown the Web Based View of Spectrum to do the key triage operations.


Below are the key capabilities being considered for the solution:

1.       Alarm and View with info like in the OC client

a.       Ability to see GCs on the left hand pane

b.      Ability to select alarm/event on right hand pane, with details of the alarm on the right bottom pane

                                                               i.      Alarm type, severity, probable cause, root case, impacted devices etc

                                                             ii.      Try to replicate as much information as possible from events tab

2.       Ability to acknowledge, clear, open ticket for the alarm

3.       Basic diagnostic capabilities for device on which alarm is asserted (ping, poll, traceroute etc)

4.       Ability to get “Alarm Filters” and show alarms per the filter

5.       Ability to see the visual representation of the IT environment (aka topology). This is difficult and hence try for neighbors view first and then full topology

6.       Ability to not get onto VPN for OC Web (good to have) (use https)

7.       Ability to get alarms/events from Spectrum automatically (near real time), without needing to click refresh

8.      Ability to set Session Timeout.

9.      Ability to logout from Web Client.

10       Ability to see hierarchy of GCs in the left pane, in addition to the normal GC list

11      Ability to run diagnostics from the SS, specifically traceroute, else it is useless for the users for triage, if run from OC server itself

                  * Also should consider SDC environment for these

12      Add  the numeric value of the impact in the alarm tab – this will help users gauge the impact

13      Ability to send the selected alarms as email to an user

                               In addition to the alarm details, it would be good to have the link back to the alarm as well

14      Ability to see Custom attributes added by users, as columns, in the main alarm view – this is needed as at times users need to sort alarms on that custom value

15      Ability to have custom actions, preferably script – this will help users to drive actions, including, but not limited to opening other tools in context, to help triage better

                      If complete script for action is not currently possible, launching UIM and PM, preferably in context at the minimum should be there

16      Ability to have “themes” or CSS’ for visualization. This will help users to be able to pull the theme/s from the other tools  - will allow to drive usability and efficiency

                    At the minimum is having two themes "Performance Management" and "UIM" – since the Spectrum Web View could be embedded in those products, and having a  

                     similar look / feel will enhance the integration

17.       Ability to view model events as well. The use case would be that there is an alarm but also be able to view the events that may have led up/contributed to the alarm but

           didn't generate their own alarm.


Please review this everyone, and please call out if you think we have missed something. My list was upto 12 and the remaining ones got newly added based on my 1:1 reviews till now. So please provide your feedback and critique, we listen



07-21-2016 08:00 AM

This is missing as well: Let Alarm status to be edited from Spectrum webclient

Cheers, Veronique

08-24-2015 09:52 AM


This is an excellent feature we all would look forward to.

Adding to Alquin, can we have in-context extended to CA PC and other integrated tools with Spectrum.

During the triage the NOC team would like to drill down to isolate the issue and page the respective Support Teams.


And most important support https integration two way

08-24-2015 09:36 AM



Will we be able to launch in context to this new WebClient UI? For example, today we plan to use the URL https://oneclick_server/spectrum/oneclick.jnlp?explorer=${ModelHandle} to launch from UIM back to Spectrum OneClick so the operators will be able to review the details behind the alarm and also look at symptom alarms.

08-24-2015 01:58 AM

Hello Team,


Here are some latest screenshots -- as mentioned, we will be covering the webclient, Spectrum Sizer, the community ideas update and a bunch of other things

Do not miss out...





Here is the link to the webcast invitation again..



Kiran Diwakar

08-21-2015 12:18 PM

I haven't seen any screen shots yet and am not sure I am correctly envisioning this new web interface but I wanted to make one or two comments.  It seems that you're basing your implementation details on the current OneClick client, presumably because customers are used to it so therefore it's the de-facto template.   I can think of at least one feature that was present in the old X-client millions of years ago, and was lost in OneClick, that I'd like to see return.  As a troubleshooter investigating past network events, I want to be able to scroll backwards through the event log in order to search for past events.  Current behavior of OC is that I open the Event Log and it defaults to an interval of 30 minutes, and if I want to see the 30 minutes prior to that, and prior to that, I need to filter, and choose between a set number of hours or set the start and stop time.  This is a pain when your event log is jam-packed with stuff and you don;t know exactly when something happened and you have to guess at the optimal interval to select.  The preferred behavior would be to be able to simply scroll back 30 minutes at a time (or some other user-defined interval.)  By the way, I also miss the chassis views in the old client.  :-)


A second comment around the issue of basing the GUI on OneClick is that I'd like to see better integration of the location views.  I have come across one or two users here who had no idea that there was a location view available, because they are used to navigating from the alarm view and that doesn't easily get you to a location view; it gets you to a topology view.  It isn't  obvious to the casual user that one can choose "World" from the left panel to see buildings and closets.    I wonder if there is a way to re-organize the UI in such a way that the building and room views are more accessible from the alarm panel?



08-20-2015 01:08 AM

Right, search is already there. Will add others to my list too..


Kiran Diwakar

08-18-2015 09:41 AM

That looks like it covers most of what our NOC and oncall folks would use.  I can think of a few things that I would want to see that I don't see on that list, though.


- Maintenance mode, per device or scheduled

- Search (I'm pretty sure it's already in the web UI from the screenshots you've shown us, and it's just missing from this list)

- Being able to run NCM policy violation repairs would be nice

- interface view, including resolved connections, admin/oper state, and maybe even interface stats

08-18-2015 09:23 AM

Great inputs Erich (as always). Let me review some of these in detail and post feedback


Kiran Diwakar

08-17-2015 06:10 PM

Hi Kiran,

The list seems really to be complete and so, I only have some small suggestions / requirements. (You have seen my webclient. *-)  )


My suggestions:

18. Performanceview for Devicelevel and Interfacelevel .. 10 or 20 second-polling-interval. .. with ability to "detach" a started Graph into a Dashbaord which contains up to 10 or some more graphs. Usecase: If I watch a graph as an operator, .. it should be possible to hand over the graph to someone else to watch that in the next shift. ( in my case, I used jquery / ajax and "flot")

1 a) For mobile-Users, skip the left pane or replace it via a list view with 100% width. Many mobile-devices use other display resolutions like Height 1200 x Width 800 with bigger characters. - there is no place for a left pane. Left hand pane only for Desktop-Browsers.

19. We probably need some SNMP-Tables like the information view. Most needed tables: Interface-View, Rounting-MIB (for WAN-Routers!), running or monitored Processes (for Servers) ...  yes, thats not implemented in my Webclient at all.

20. "Topology-View" was easy to develop (in my version), beside my PHP-Version I have build a 100% Javascript-Version which uses only the REST-API. ... only the Livelinks are not implemented. The topology is a great benefit of Spectrum and if you skip that in the first version, - customers do not see the benefit of Spectrum... for many customers, the topology is the representation of the root cause analysis and rollup-machanism.

If this is not in the first version, - spectrum would look like some Open Source Ping Tools. The Spotlightviews in Spectrum are great but I believe that not many people used them a lot because many Spectrum-Customers do not use Cisco which is well supported. .. VLAN-Views do not work for many vendors...
In a later version I suggest to bring in Livelinks and later then Spotlightviews.

21. Ability to export the data very fast, - PDF or PNG or Excel ...  without to much Styling. .. only export for Emailing or post processing.

22. Ability to Copy&Paste the Content from Table-Views (HTML) into Excel ...  customers love that feature in Spectrum .. Locate all Devices, STRG+A, STRG+C and Paste into Excel, ... Inventory-List ready. I have seen companies which block mostly Copy&Paste in their web-client and made their tool unusable.

14. ... Ability to add a field, my operators needed a column in the Alarmlist based on the Landscape-Handle ... they prefer the name of the customer or region of this landscape rather than the Landscape-Handle ... as long I could provide something like this, allthing is fine. IN my case we create a string based on the model-handle in the script. .. if it is between 0x100000 and 0x199999 then it is Customer "ACME" ...

23. Ability to load custom HTML-Content into a custom-DIV based on Model-Handle and IP-Address - or Alarm-ID. .. something like a reserved block inside the information-view... perhaps to integrate the right graphs of a Performance-Management-Tool via APIs :-)


And If I could help out, let me know.

actually, I am playing with JS-pdfmake, jspdf and some other tools to export data out of HTML-Tables on the client-side via Javascript for "Simple Reporting".

By the way ... the Table-Tools as an extension of jquery-datatables use Flash and do not work well from my perspective.


Best Regards