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iXp v11.3.5 patch RO77180 is now available

By Anon Anon posted Jan 07, 2015 05:41 AM


Dear customers.


Please note that a new patch (RO77180) is now available in the CA Support Portal.


This patch contains:


Fixed issues:


  • exclusion filters not working properly for jobs, alerts and send events
  • Added dynamically generated years in drop down menu in calendar editor
  • clickable links in job description in job detail panel
  • Fixed error in migration tool causing jobs to have improperly set "date_conditions" to 1
  • Fixed job detail problem when using MSSQL server
  • Fixed problem with loading/displaying filter
  • Fixed problem with not showing user filters in adminTool


New Functionalities:


  • User can now see associated iXp group filters in dropdown menu on the status bar in iXp GUI
  • Added reload original filter button next to the filter dropdown menu and also user navigation actions are now removed from filter when selecting it from filter dropdown menu
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