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NEW CA Service Management Survey. We want to hear from you!

By rafha02 posted Aug 31, 2015 07:12 PM


Hello CA Service Management Community,


New CA Service Management Survey


Today the CA Service Management Product Team launched a survey designed to gain insight into changes and challenges our customers are facing delivering optimal service and support experiences to their business consumers, IT teams and management.  The results of this survey may be used for validating product direction and strategy, marketing message and more.   


3rd-party email from TechValidate


We partnered with industry expert, TechValidate, who is administering the survey and ensuring the process is transparent and the outcomes non-biased.  This survey is being sent to a random group of CA Service Management customers via an email from our Community Lead, Chris Hackett, a CA employee. The email points to a TechValidate protected site hosting the survey. Please note that if you receive this email, this is not spam; it is a valid email from the CA Service Management Team.


We appreciate your time and effort should you receive this email and complete the survey.


Thank you!


CA Service Management Product Team