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Tech Tip : CA Single Sign-On :: CA SPS:Agent for virtual host : XXXX did not initialized properly

By Ujwol posted 07-18-2016 02:27 AM



Single Sign-On Secure Proxy Engine fails to start up with the following error :

[ERROR] Agent for virtual host : XXXX did not initialized properly

Where, XXXX is the name of the virtual host.


CA Access Gateway (formerly CA Secure Proxy Server ) : ANY


There could be multiple cause for this particular error, but one of the most common cause or this error is, the handshake error between the SPS agent and the Policy Server.

You can find this out from looking at the smps.log for the time frame corresponding to the error in the server.log .

[1860/2604][Mon Jul 18 2016 13:59:03][CServer.cpp:1959][ERROR][sm-Tunnel-00050] Handshake error: Shared secret incorrect for this client
[1860/2604][Mon Jul 18 2016 13:59:03][CServer.cpp:2121][ERROR][sm-Server-01070] Failed handshake with


Re-register trusted host using the following command from <Secure_Proxy>\agentframework\bin

smreghost –i <PS_IP>:44441,44442,44443 -u "siteminder" –p <password>  -hn <trustedhost> -hc <hco> -cf COMPAT

and then copy the SmHost.conf file and replace the existing SmHost.conf.

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