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Tech Tip : CA Single Sign-On :smpolicysrv -flushcache command does not flush the policy server cache

By Ujwol posted 08-02-2017 02:54 AM



Policy server cache flushing from the command line by running command : smpolicysrv -flushcache doesn't work.

While running this command , it gives following error in the smps.log :


[CServer.cpp:7668][INFO][sm-Server-04520] Server 'flushcache' command received. 

[CServer.cpp:7669][INFO][sm-Server-04750] Server 'flushcache' command is disabled.Please contact CA Technologies Customer Support for further information 

Note : 


  • Cache update is already enabled on the policy server by running command :smpolicysrv -enablecacheupdates.
  • Cache flushing from Administrative UI is working.


  • Policy server : r12.5, r12.51, r12.52, r12.6, r12.7 (inclusive of all SP & CR)
  • Policy server OS : Any


Policy server cache flushing functionality from the command line is deprecated.

The cache can now be flushed only from Administrative UI.

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08-02-2017 01:28 PM