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Performance Management / Performance Center Category Consolidation

By Dan_Holmes posted 08-17-2015 03:36 PM



When content is published to our community a user will apply a product category to the post.  This helps to ‘organize’ content for the community. Today, we have 15 product categories in the Infrastructure Management Community.  Effective September 1, 2015, we will be consolidating all content tied to CA Performance Center and CA Performance Management into one product category “CA Performance Management”.   We will be removing CA Performance Center as an option to be selected when creating new content in the community.


Figure 1: This graphic is showing the various options (product categories) that can be applied to content in the community. The category "CA Performance Center" will be removed effective September 1, 2015 

Why are we doing this?  The original thinking when we launched the community was that because multiple products leverage CA Performance Center customers would like a place to call out CA PC specific improvements independent of CA Performance Management (or the Data Aggregator). In practice this hasn’t worked as well – feedback from our customers suggested it was difficult to know which category to select and our product managers complain that reporting on two areas is difficult. So in the spirit of “Try it – fix it – try it” we are going to consolidate CA Performance Center and CA Performance Management into a single category.

After this change as a customer you only need to select one category CA Performance Management for any area of the product you would like to improve (Data Collector, Data Repository, Data Aggregator, CA Performance Center.


Now we recognize there are some NFA customers that only use CA PC and what we would encourage is that if you have ideas to improve your experience as an NFA only customer that may involve CAPC then go ahead and submit your idea against CA Network Flow Analysis category and the NFA product manager will work with the CAPC team if the enhancement is specific to a change to CAPC. As many of our customers own both products we encourage you to submit the ideas against one, the other, or both. We will groom and make sure they get the right categorization.


Impact to Ideas and the Ideation Review Process
Ideas previously submitted against CA Performance Center will not be lost!  They will continue to follow the same trajectory as any other idea submitted. All we are doing is changing its product category from CA Performance Center to CA Performance Management. In fact, it is the same team that was reviewing ideas for both CA PM and CA PC. 


How this helps the CA Product Management Team and in return why it’s better for the community Fewer categories make it easier to review, track individual progress, and report on how responsive our teams are to your feedback. Based on customer feedback, product managers are working with our community leadership team to help invent ways to improve response time and provide better feedback loop on the progress with your ideas.  Better reports on fewer categories will help this and hopefully it will be easier for you as well to submit your ideas without wondering “which category do I need to check?”


Tagging Content You can still feel free to ‘tag’ content to CA Performance Center. There are no platform limitations as to how many tags you can apply to content.  


Your Feedback 

Quality products and service are driven by continuous feedback. Let’s try this idea and if you have feedback or ideas on how we can make it even easier with greater benefits for you please don’t hesitate to let us know – we are listening!


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