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Plano Product Showcase

By Koustubh Warty posted Feb 24, 2015 08:28 PM


Last week we had the Plano Product Showcase here in the Plano office. The purpose of this event was to showcase (as the name suggests!) all the CA Products that are written/created/supported/sold in our office. We had a total of 8 stations ranging from Storage, Workload Automation, CA GEN, Datacom, InformationServices, Mainframe Solution Center and of course our hottest topic DevOps which I represented! See the attached pic.

It lasted for about 3.5 hours with lots of folks showing up, and had very good traffic at my station. Here are the things that I covered (spoke and showed) as a part of this event -

  • DevOps (what/why/how)

  • Continuous Delivery
    • Release Automation
    • Service Virtualization
      • many a times had to talk about how it is different from VMware's virtualization!!!
      • Shift left
      • Agile methodology
      • Since the new name is DevTest, people understood more on DevTest as well as Lisa
    • Application Test
  • Of course my business cards

Lunch (pizza and water) was also included which as you'd expect brought more folks in . At the end of the event, we had a raffle draw and about 10 winner that received Best Buy gift cards.

This was indeed a great experience and I felt I was able to evangelize our strategic focus on DevOps and how Service Virtualization plays a major role in it!

Until next time.....Namaste!

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