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Precision API Monitoring v3.1, from CA Technologies

By PoetryFan posted Feb 07, 2017 03:30 PM



You work for a financial infrastructure and trading firm. It’s a small business, but the microwave towers you’ve deployed add up to microseconds of an advantage for your trading clients. Online retailers can afford seconds worth of lag before they declare problems; for you it’s less than milliseconds.


3:01AM. Your phone starts dancing on your nightstand. You pick it up and see that CA APM Assisted Triage has detected unstable response time on your order processing pipe service. Your CA API-M gateway hosts the order processing pipeline and its complex set of assertions and backend calls.


Opening your laptop, you go directly to the CA APM Team Center interface and land at the Experience View, which shows you your “Orange” cluster of API-Gateways has gone read with errors. You drill in and find the Seattle gateway is the sole source of errors. You go to the Historical Event Viewer and pull the latest traces for the order pipeline. Now you have fine-grained, assertion-by-assertion visibility into the pipeline. The latency is piling up around a messaging queue that was supposed to be fault tolerant. You wake up your co-worker Jeff to fix the queuing problem. Mean time to resolution? About twenty minutes.



The beaut of the new CA PRECISION API MONITORING product is that you can reduce your MTTR even further. Now that you know that queue has had a problem, you can set alerts around it, build a dashboard to keep a careful eye to its availability. CA APM can grow and adapt to fits its CA API-M gateways ever more snugly.


In the v3.1 release, we introduced some unprecedented capabilities, some of which you just heard about:


  •     Detailed transaction tracing the gateway services
  •     Correlation IDs to tie gateway traces to backend APM agent-monitored traces
  •     CA APM Team Center map integration; nested views of clusters of gateways and gateway APIs
  •     CA APM Experience View integration; tiles that summaries gateway cluster and gateway APIs
  •     Gateway OS monitoring metrics including MySQL database, CPU, memory, swap, and more.


With v3.1 you hold the reigns over your gateways and clusters of gateways. By using this integration, you can reduce the Mean Time to Resolution for problems both chronic and acute. No other gateway on the market has the kind of visibility and insight into the gateways inner workings as this one. Best of all, since both integrated products come from a single vendor, you’ll experience superior customer experience and support. If you have a gateway, you deserve to try CA APM. And if you have CA APM and are considering a gateway, this is a sign: go for it.