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CA PAM Client not launching tools in Mac

By Maria Celeste Catena posted 06-07-2017 11:07 AM


The CA PAM Client works in Mac but when you try to launch an SSH TCP/UDP service, you get a 'loop reject' message.

If you reproduce the same steps in the browser you get the following message:

<<Unable to start Mac Assistant software. Reason: Cannot run program "/usr/local/bin/xcd_assistant": error=, Operation not permitted.>> 


This means that the user that is executing the client does not have permission to execute the Mac Assistant (xcd_assistant).



Check on the file properties and grant execute permissions to the /usr/local/bin/xcd_assistant file.



02-01-2018 11:39 PM

The MAC assistant is a separate installer. You will see a download button on the logon page when you access a PAM server from a MAC. Try installing it from a console with command "sudo installer -pkg <assistant pkg full path> -target /”

02-01-2018 08:01 PM

I tried this on MAC OS (High Sierra) and Safari browser connecting to PAM 3.0.2

And it throws this error message.

I checked /usr/local/bin folder to locate the xcd_assistant file but it was not there.


I also installed PAM Client and it is installed to /Application/CA PAM Client/ folder.

So I made symbolic link to /Application/CA PAM Client/xcd_assistant and it throws another error.


Unable to start MAC Assistant software. Reason: permission denied to bind interface.


Need more research.

06-07-2017 11:30 AM

Thank you for sharing this tip with the community Maria!

CA PAM Client not launching tools in Mac