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Tips #42: Location of the DevTest logs and some more?

By Koustubh Warty posted Feb 12, 2015 05:56 PM


Here's my conversation with 'someone' that shall remain anonymous

Anonymous: I am using DevTest 8.0.x on Windows platform. I remember being told that the DevTest logs are always in the <userhome> folder. Under C:\Users\<user> folder, I see a lisatmp_8.0.1 folder. Great...but I don't see any log files related to server components of DevTest like vse.log, registry.log and so on..... What I am missing?

Me: Are you running DevTest components as Windows services? If so, all the server logs are stored in the LISA_HOME\lisatmp_8.0.1 folder.

Anonymous: Got it. But...hmm....I see some files missing in that location?

Me: Correct. Some log files like Workstation.log file are stored in the C:\Users\<user>\lisatmp_8.0.1 folder. These files are essentially the non-server log files.

Anonymous: I seem to be getting then the obvious next question is - what if I decide to not use the Windows Services and instead start the server components from the command line...where do the logs go?

Me: Yeah....I saw that coming . Yes in this case, they would all go under C:\Users\<user>\lisatmp_8.0.1 folder.

Anonymous: Thanks for the info so far. Say I had DevTest installed on Linux, where would the logs be?

Me: If your DevTest installation is on a non-windows box, say Linux then all your server logs will be  in the <userhome> folder. So if you have installed DevTest as say a user called devtestuser, then the logs will be in <devtestuser>/lisatmp_8.0.1 folder.

Anonymous: I really appreciate you answering my questions. Can I come back to you for more questions in the future?

Me: Yes sure.....that's why we are here...feel free to ping me anytime!

P.S.: Bonus points for anyone who can guess why I started off with 42!