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CA’s Latest APM Tool Eliminates Blind Spots

By Andrew_Brooks posted May 11, 2017 01:42 PM


The volume of digital interactions across many platforms can often result in what I call application performance management blind spots. One such blind spot occurs when an organization considers monitoring only the user synthetic experience adequate. Such limited monitoring may not capture denied access, degraded performance through the duration of a transaction, or myriad other issues that can impact a user’s experience with a business application.

We have taken steps to eliminate many of these blind spots in the latest version of CA APM. For example, the solution is continually making breadth and depth correlations between the business, network, servers and applications. We are continuing to make progress in improving visibility and coverage in those kinds of correlations because of impact on the organization. By adding log analytics data from a variety of enterprise management data sources via AgileOps Analytics, a user can now have 360-degree visibility from the IT perspective as well as the business perspective when looking at the same correlated data.

Even if an organization doesn’t have the best linkage between IT and business groups, CA Services can help improve those connections with enablement services such as the Operations Adoption offering. Frankly, many APM blind spots start as people’s blind spots, and making sure your organization has a good view on overall performance will allow your organization to get the most value from a monitoring solution, not to mention break down barriers between silos.