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Unique EEM clustersetup problem and fix - SiteMinder

By Gregory Frisina posted Jan 28, 2015 08:45 AM


Symptom: Cannot log into secondary EEM User Interfaces after configuring the EEM multiwrite cluster setup jar. (java -jar eiam-clustersetup.jar -p FQDN of primary)



Symptom: while in the cluster setup jar and running the 'status' command this is the output:


INFO - Checking server status

INFO - igateway status [stopped]

INFO - dxserver status [started]



While this is not the only cause for the above problems, it is worth checking the following items:




<fidm enabled="true">


If this setting is true, then the SSO connector in EEM UI has been enabled on the primary EEM server and this server is configured to use Siteminder policies for use in Single Sign On operations with other CA products.



You will need to copy the smhost.conf file if it exists from the relative location specified in the same section in server.xml



<parameter value="SmHost.conf" name="ConfigurationPath"/>


To the other EEM servers. A restart of igateway is required.


If this had been an ongoing problem for a few days, it may be necessary to perform a remove of the secondary EEM servers on the primary and re-add them. Sync on the secondary EEM servers should not be necessary.